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Good News Story: : Anna’s Journey with New Start 4 U

Anna’s Journey with New Start 4 U


In life, we often encounter unexpected twists and turns that challenge our dreams and aspirations. For Anna, a determined individual with big plans for her future, the arrival of her first child led her down a different path than she had envisioned. However, her life took a remarkable turn when she sought the guidance of New Start 4 U (NS4U). This is the heartwarming story of Anna’s transformation, her journey from despair to hope, and how NS4U played a pivotal role in helping her rediscover her true calling.

Anna came to the NS4U training centre on the recommendation of her husband, who promised to put his wife on the right career track after years of intensive childcare and housework. Anna moved to the United Kingdom in October 2013 after completing a bachelor’s degree in European administration in Poland. She had big plans for her future after arriving; she wanted to be a businesswoman, have a profitable job, buy a house, and live happily and independently. She was determined and ready to overcome any obstacles that arose on her path to success. She didn’t realise at the time that plans can change, but they did when she had her first child. Long periods of time spent in a foreign country, isolated from communication in another language, childcare commitments, and a gradual decline in confidence made her a completely different person. She had given up hope and determination for a better future until a day when she came to the office and met the advisor. After having an intensive discussion with the advisor, developing an action plan and sharing a touching story about how she lost her motivation, Anna finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Initially, she was enrolled in an intensive English course to restore her confidence and increase her communication fluency. Anna truly admitted that having a child has irreversibly changed her perspective on a career. She is now certain that she wants to work with children and provide a personalised service as a primary school teaching assistant. Anna was immediately enrolled in the Level-2 Teaching Assistant course at the local college and registered for the ongoing personal development course in Safeguarding adults and Children after a thorough discussion and review of all available resources. Anna decided to take all the steps necessary to prepare for her new life path without hesitation. She agreed to consider applying for an apprenticeship as an early year teaching assistant to allow her to develop her skills while also earning money. Anna finally felt like she was able to reach the pinnacle of her potential after several follow-up appointments with the advisor. She is now a happy, independent, and fully trained individual who is more than ready to show her best in the labour market and bring positive values to the educational environment. She became stronger, more resilient, and confident after a period of time spent with the New Start 4 U. Anna now stands out from the crowd and is the perfect example of hope for anyone who has ever doubted themselves.


Anna’s inspiring journey with New Start 4 U exemplifies the power of resilience, determination, and the impact of a supportive environment. With the guidance and unwavering support of NS4U, Anna rediscovered her passion for working with children and became a fully trained and confident individual. Her story is a shining example of how even in the face of adversity, hope can be rekindled, and dreams can be achieved with the right help. As Anna now embarks on her new career path, she stands tall as a beacon of hope for everyone who has ever faced self-doubt, proving that with the right support, transformation is possible.