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Elena’s Journey: How New Start 4 U Made a Difference

Elena’s Journey: How New Start 4 U Made a Difference

Elena walked into our office with uncertainty about her future. She had recently moved to a new city in the UK, leaving her life in Romania behind. Her main concern was finding a good job and getting career advice.

Back in 2008, Elena came to the UK and settled in London. She started working at a hotel and attended school to improve her English. After some time, she worked as a support worker for 8 years, helping people in need. However, she wanted more from her career, which led her to move to Coventry.

This is where she discovered our center. We had detailed conversations with her to understand her needs and aspirations. Together, we made a plan. We provided her with advice on finding suitable jobs and helped her create a professional CV. We also informed her about courses to enhance her skills. With her updated CV, Elena applied for jobs online and secured an interview for a support worker role at a care company in Coventry.

To boost her confidence and prepare for the interview, we organized a special session. The result? Just two days after the interview, she received a call offering her the job!

Elena’s journey didn’t stop there. She continued working as a carer while studying business administration at the University of Birmingham. She says that New Start 4 U changed her life. It gave her the chance to do new things and believe in herself. Now she feels stronger and more independent, all thanks to the help she got from us.

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