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Our Staff

Project Manager
I am a Project Manager at the New Start 4U. I have worked here since 2017, and I am experienced in finance, HR and projects delivery. I make every effort to ensure that each of our Clients receives bespoke, individual support from our organisation. I have a great knowledge of every aspect related to the New Start 4U services and delivery. I have Bachelor Degree in Business Management obtained in the UK.

Monika Carroll
Managing Director, Finance coordinator, Careers Guidance specialist
I am a managing Director of New Start 4 U CIC. I am also a qualified and experienced careers advice and guidance specialist. I am a member of The Career Guidance Institute, Coventry University Enterprise Hub and Polish Midlands Business Club, VAC. In 2011 I took part in the European Union Funded – Study Visit, where I researched and reported on: The role of career guidance, information and training for the labour market in various European countries. I specialise in personal development, career guidance, mentoring and coaching. In 2014 I established the Career Development and Learning Centre – Community Interest Company, where I am employed as a managing director and senior adviser. I work mainly but not only, with migrants from EEA. I secured funding for a number of projects which were successfully completed, with better results than were expected. Statistically, almost 90% of my customers moved on in their careers and achieved their planned goals.