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Office Administrator, Trainer
I am Project Delivery Coordinator and Trainer in New Start 4 U CIC. I deliver business-oriented courses, lectures and ESOL English courses. I strongly believe that for one to change his life is just a little inspiration needed to take further steps forward. This is main purpose and drive in my teaching and accompanies New Start 4 U philosophy. English is my second language therefore I understand learning difficulties that non- native speaking learner must overcome, in my work I deal with people from different background, experiences and varying level of age. Thanks to my previous managerial experience I can apply valuable hands-on knowledge to the courses I teach. Working and contributing to community with New Start 4 U CIC makes me deeply appreciate of seeking to improve the quality of life for people in our region, and enthusiastically involved with each new program offered.

I have been directly involved in education since 2011 with my experience focused in the areas of teaching, training and mentoring. During this time I have worked in a number of different settings, including FE, adult education and the primary sector. I have always been passionate about engaging with people, and New Start 4U has provided a unique platform to connect with a myriad of service users, as well as highly-skilled and forward-thinking staff. The centre has also become a rising pillar within the community, through the delivery of diverse projects and the creation of critical partnerships. As a result of this progressive work, I am proud to say that I am part of a team that aims to make a real difference. So, if you are somebody looking to make a change, please feel welcome to get in touch.

I am an ESOL teacher and project deliverer. Working with people of various level and backgrounds and able to relate to the struggles of learning a different language. I have experience in delivering English My Way courses, general English, Functional Skills exam preparation and English courses combined with integration projects. As an English-second-language speaker I am able to understand and explain the complex subjects in a simple way relating them to other languages and concepts. In 2018 I delivered a Voicebox Cafe project which was aimed at women of all ages and backgrounds and educated them about the women’s right movement history in the UK; At the moment I am delivering a BSBT organised project concentrated on English lesson delivery with elements of immigrant integration subjects.

Office Manager
Office Manager

Marketing Coordinator
I work as Marketing Coordinator in New Start4U CIC and I work in social media: Facebook and Instagram. You can meet me at the reception and during workshops, events and open days organised by our Centre. I really enjoy doing posters, leaflets and brochures. I had found out about New Start4U CIC before I came to England 2 years ago. I started learning English in our Centre and I improved my language skills. During this time I was a volunteer as well and I helped in open days in New Start4U. Since May I have been officially one of the members of staff. I work with others volunteers and I help them improve their skills and show them, how our Centre works.

M.Sc in German Philology and German Languages. Following the completion of my degree in 2001 I have worked as an interpreter and language tutor of German and English both in the UK and abroad. I moved to the UK in 2007. I’ve worked as a floating multilingual teaching assistant and interpreter across a variety of different schools and educational settings in Coventry. In 2018 I joined New Start 4U. I have the privilege to teach General English and deliver courses for future teaching assistants. My passions include learning about and exploring new cultures.

Monika Carroll
Managing Director, Finance coordinator, Careers Guidance specialist
I am a managing Director of New Start 4 U CIC. I am also a qualified and experienced careers advice and guidance specialist. I am a member of The Career Guidance Institute, Coventry University Enterprise Hub and Polish Midlands Business Club, VAC. In 2011 I took part in the European Union Funded – Study Visit, where I researched and reported on: The role of career guidance, information and training for the labour market in various European countries. I specialise in personal development, career guidance, mentoring and coaching. In 2014 I established the Career Development and Learning Centre – Community Interest Company, where I am employed as a managing director and senior adviser. I work mainly but not only, with migrants from EEA. I secured funding for a number of projects which were successfully completed, with better results than were expected. Statistically, almost 90% of my customers moved on in their careers and achieved their planned goals.

TEFL qualified teacher Teaching all levels of English to ESL students, and have done so for a period of 5 years. I have had a number of success stories and thoroughly enjoy teaching.