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New Start 4 U CIC was established in 2014 to help European Migrants who have settled down in the UK with all aspects of everyday life. Our aim is to build more resilient and integrated communities among Eastern European migrants.
Whether we have been in England for many years, or have just arrived, many of us would like to make England our new home, but often we do not know where to start and what to do. New Start 4 U CIC offers a personal counselling, IAG services, volunteering opportunities, training, education and development and English courses, along with thorough coaching and assistance in finding a job. Here at the New Start 4 U CIC, we want to help you to integrate in a shorter period of time and achieve a higher level of confidence and understanding of English culture. We want to help our clients aspire above and beyond low paid and low skilled positions and take a new path which is consistent with their education, skills and ambitions. We are supporting individuals’ career and personal development and helping our clients to integrate with others. We work closely with various community organisation, charities and local authority in Coventry, to help our clients with all aspects of their life in the UK and integration.