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When the first cases of Covid – 19 virus were announced in the UK on 30th January 2020, none of us knew how our life would change  at that moment. Less than 8 weeks later,  March 23rd 2020 the Prime Minister Boris Johnson had announced the national lockdown and along with it, the introduction of strict changes and restrictions on the employment sector, essential  to efficiently control the spread of the pandemic. Many companies have suspended or limited their activities and introduced additional restrictions on their function during this pandemic, which has reached, with the exception of key workers, almost all employees in the country. The changes have brought many new questions about the possibility of working while maintaining precaution and safety. The guidelines and working system has changed, which has introduced a lot of doubt and uncertainty about the continuity of work after the pandemic, recently announced. We are now in the 13th week of the introduction of the new rules and restrictions. Since then, the unemployment rate in Great Britain has more than tripled, with a simultaneous decrease in employment offers by 25%.  So, for the average citizen, this means a 55% lower chance of finding a job. These statistics are alarming, according to data from the HMRC in March, we saw a record breaking number of unemployment claims, with a 910% Increase in claims for Universal Credit and, as no surprise, an overall projected increase in unemployment from 3.8% in the first quarter 2020 to 10% in the second quarter of this year. The number of employed people dropped by 300,000 over the first two months of the lockdown, according to a forecast by JP Morgan – a steeper fall than that of the financial crisis or the recessions of the 1980s and early 1990s.    

Worse to come ?

Rishi Sunak , the chancellor of the exchequer, said that it was clear the coronavirus pandemic would have a very significant impact on the UK economy, just as it would for other nations around the world.   “People should know that there is hardship ahead and we won’t be able to protect every job or every business,” he said at the government’s daily press briefing. In the coming months, the government anticipates a further decline in employment. The realistic scenario leads us to assume an increase in unemployment up to 13% nationwide in December 2020. This means that approximately 2 million people currently employed will shockingly lose their jobs by the end of this year. The impending economic crisis and the recession that is coming along with it are inevitably the subjects that will affect the lives of every UK citizen. It is crucial to take extra care of the family model and material stability during this difficult time. The key to success can be to raise your attractiveness and efficiency in the labour market. In light of the largest crisis in the United Kingdom for over 300 years, employers will be more than ever looking for qualified employees with a flexible approach to the pressing upcoming changes. The nature of employment and the staffing sector has changed forever and when the recovery happens, it will be in a very different world to the one we left behind.  

How can New Start 4U help you with this?

  • Currently we offer  free help for unemployed people who are actively seeking  work, under a new project  from the European Social Fund programme.
  • We offer help for people without employment as well as employees who want to improve their qualifications by undertaking studies and Continues Professional Development courses.
  • We  offer a Career Information Advice and Guidance service. Always here to support,  if you are focused on the Future or Higher Education plans, looking for  new job opportunities or just need help to improve your current employment situation.
  • We deliver a wide range of  English courses, such as ESOL, EFL, IELTS, Business English and Functional Skills.
  • Our Educational Advice and Guidance service offers you  free support for every step of the University recruitment process, registration and student finance application.
  • For people looking for work, we provide  employability trainings and workshops such as “CV and interview skills” or “Confidence Building” training, just to name a few.
  • We run a Job Club, where you can search with support, help with  job applications and filling in forms, CV writing and face to face intense interview preparation.
  • With New Start 4U, you can undertake professional, certified courses to gain nationally recognised qualifications or improve and develop your existing qualifications for work. Most of the courses will be available for you to study online, so you can do it at home and at your own pace.
Economically, we are now in a very uncertain position, but the employees that adapt and survive this Covid-19  turmoil will be in a position to take competitive advantage in what is likely to be a changing world of employment. Over 95% of our Clients have changed their lives for the better.  

Would you like New Start 4U to help you?

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