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Funded project

Current Projects:

Active Citizen Fund – 2019 – Police Crime Commissioner
The project aim is to help Eastern European Migrants in Integration and community cohesion. We offer:
  •  Free confidence building workshops in English and Polish
  •  Qualifications Level 2 for our volunteers (Information Advice and Guidance)
  • The contact point for migrants in case of reporting crime, homelessness, health or law problems.
  •  Free computer classes for beginners.
  •  Event – Making Bell Green Greener – gardening competition – the main price – TABLET, business fairs, art, craft and design, cinema evening.
Building Stronger Britain Together – Home Office
The project’s aim is to create more resilient communities, stan up to extremism in all its forms and offer vulnerable individuals a positive alternative regardless of race, faith, sexuality, age and gender.
Community For All – 2019 – West Midlands Police
We offer a series of workshops related to Brexit, Hate Crime, Confidence Building and Integration. Workshops are deliver in English, Polish or Romanian. Dates of Workshops are:
  • 9th March 2019 – Saturday at 13:30
  • 23rd March 2019 – Saturday at 13:30 
  • 27th April 2019 – Saturday at 13:30 
  • 11th May 2019 – Saturday at 13:30 
  • 1st June 2019 – Saturday at 13:30 
Small Lunch is provided

Previous Projects:

Voice Box Café project 2018 funded by Good Things Foundation
From June 2018 to Dec 2018 Voicebox Cafés took place in 36 Online Centres, celebrating 100 years of some women getting the right to vote. We delivered workshops to young women educate them on their rights and voice in politics.  We delivered all workshops on time and with great success.
English My Way – Free ESOl English course financed by Good Things foundation 2018-2019
Project completed in February 2019. We should recruit 112 people with no or with limited English language skills and 76 should complete the course. We recruited almost 200 learners and over 100 completed the course, build their confidence and change their life for better.
Careers advice and guidance for Eastern European Migrants
Feb 2016 – Feb 2017
Project funded by Big Lottery Fund (Awards for All) and Coventry City Council (2015-2016) Project: Careers advice and guidance for 20 – 30 unemployed migrants from Eastern Europe to build their confidence, skills and employability and move them into employment, education or training.
The project was successful, completed a few months earlier and reached more people that we predicted. Up to August 2016 we helped 115 who visited our centre or were referred by other organisations.
  • 85 – was unemployed, and:
  • 49 – age 18-30
  • 22 – in difficult situation such as disability, housing problems, depression, addiction
  • 77 – found employment, education or training (in some cases more than 1 outcome per person)
  • 57 – moved into employment
  • 41 – took part in workshops and training which increased their confidence, skills and employability
  • 15 – started volunteering
  • 21 – started Further and Higher Education
Jumping Through Hoops – to help 15 unemployed young  migrants with confidence and skills building to move on into education employment and training (2016-2017). We work in depth with 30 young people:
  • 7 moved into Further or Higher education
  • 22 moved into employment (full time employment)
  • 13 took part in CV/interview skills/confidence building and motivational skills workshops or English course
  • 5 gained formal qualifications
  • 2 began volunteering
Pilot Project aimed to help 5 – 7 young people age 16 – 24 to move into education, employment or training.   Project was successful, in 3 months we helped 15 young people to achieve their goals.