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Alexandru’s Success Story with New Start 4 U

Meet Alexandru, a young man who arrived in the UK in May 2019 to pursue his studies at Coventry City College. Feeling a bit uncertain due to his lack of work experience in the UK and still adjusting to life in a new country, Alexandru turned to New Start 4 U CIC for support. We provided him with the tools and guidance he needed to excel in his new environment.

Discovering Potential

After a friendly chat about his goals and plans, Alexandru and our case worker, Irina, decided that focusing on employability skills, CV writing, and interview preparation would be key. Alexandru was eager to get started and was excited about the prospect of self-improvement.

Building a Strong Foundation

Through workshops on CV writing and interview skills, Alexandru learned how to present himself as a strong candidate in the job market. Armed with a polished CV tailored to his field of study, Alexandru felt well-prepared to tackle job hunting in the UK.

Seizing Opportunities

Alongside his job search, Alexandru received a conditional offer to further his studies, a testament to his dedication and potential. Recognizing the importance of the IELTS test, we provided him with access to an IELTS preparation course, helping him sharpen his language skills for academic success. Additionally, Alexandru gained valuable information on Student Finance England loans, ensuring he was well-informed.

Taking Control of the Future

Currently, Alexandru is focused on becoming proficient in job hunting, a skill that will serve him well in the years to come. With big changes on the horizon, including a move to a new city and starting university, Alexandru’s journey is poised for even greater transformation. Through a mix of independent applications and job leads from our case worker, Alexandru secured a part-time role as a parcel sorter, starting in April 2021.

Looking Forward

With our support, Alexandru is on the brink of financial independence, a milestone that represents more than just monetary freedom—it symbolizes newfound confidence and self-sufficiency. As he eagerly anticipates the start of his studies, Alexandru stands as proof that with determination and a helping hand, anyone can turn their dreams into reality.


Alexandru’s journey with New Start 4 U CIC is an inspiring tale of transformation and triumph. Through tailored support, unwavering dedication, and a commitment to self-improvement, he has unlocked a future brimming with promise. As Alexandru looks ahead to the adventures that await him, he does so with gratitude for the invaluable assistance that has paved the way for his success. His story reminds us all that with the right guidance, anyone can turn their dreams into reality.