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General Information

If you want to study in England, please contact us and we will help you with the application form, student finance and interview preparation.
  • Free career guidance consultation
  • Maths and English qualifications available in our centre (entry requirements)
  • Help with application forms and interview preparations.
  • Help with student finance (university fee)
  • You might be eligible for additional help to cover your living costs (maintenance loan).
  • Student Finance
How to find a job?
You can look for a job online, by engaging with employers, by attending job fairs and you can also register with employment agencies. Online websites for job searching:‎
To start  a job in the UK you need to have:
  • NIN (National Insurance Number)
  • Bank account
  • British or European Passport, if you from outside EEA you will need a visa
  • Proof of address – The bill, the formal letter or renting agreement with your UK address and your name.
How to register for NIN? To find job you will need a CV. To find out how to create a marketable CV, please contact us and our career specialist will help you with a CV development.
How to find accommodation?
You can use the most popular links to search for houses: You can also look into student accommodation in the next section: Universities