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Do you want to be a member of our community?
All members of our community will have opportunity to take part in development of our organisation. We need to know about your needs and expectation, what we can do to meet your requirements and how we can support migrants in the UK. We would like to share our success and do everything for you to succeed. We would like to organise open days, conferences and free training for all our members. What is your responsibility?
  • Every quarter you will take part in a survey about our services, help and learning
  • You will take part in one conference, training or an open day yearly
  • You will inform us about your ideas and needs
What we offer?
  • Access to free training and workshops for our members
  • 20% discount from our fully paid services and courses
  • Information about current job offers and opportunities
  • Opportunity to create our organisation and learning plan from scratch
If you are interested, please fill in the form and send to: MembershipForm