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We offer over 900 various learndirect courses from areas such as IT, Health and Safety, Languages, Management, Customer Service, Bookkeeping and Employability Skills. All courses are certified and some lead to formal qualifications. All courses, once completed, can be attached to your CV to help attract potential employers and, therefore, increase your chance to find a better job. Our courses are in English, therefore a minimum understanding of written and spoken English is required. To find out about our online courses please click on: E-Learning If you want to register, use the passphrase: newstart4u


Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults, Level 1 & 2

This online course provides the legally required Safeguarding Training if you work with children or adults at risk. The course is suitable for those in the health, care, education and early years sectors as well as those voluntary and corporate organisations working with children or vulnerable adults. Was £45 Now: £30

In New Start 4 U CIC Centre in Coventry, you can learn basic IT skills for free 🙂 
  The following courses from Health and Social Care were £35 each, are now £25 each
Manual Handling – Health, Education and Social Care This course gives useful practical advice for all health and social care staff on how to reduce the risk of injury from manual handling. The course provides organisations a level of compliance to meet many of their health and safety training obligations.
Medication Awareness and Safe Handling of Medication This course will give learners an insight into the procedures that should be followed when taking charge of a person’s medication outside of a health setting. It discusses requesting prescriptions, maintaining records, storing, administering and disposing of medication, self-medication and issues that might arise in the administration of medication.
Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability – for Health & Social Care Each of the three main topics – mental illness, dementia, and learning disability – is discussed separately and then strategies for enabling people to live lives as they choose are introduced. Particular concerns are addressed, such as hate crime, and the stigma of mental illness.
Sage Bookkeeping Level 1 + exam – was £120 now £70
This official Sage course facilitates your understanding of manual bookkeeping so that you can apply this to computerised accounts systems. It gives you the introductory knowledge you need to use Sage Bookkeeping software for your accounts, and even prepare for the Sage Bookkeeping Stage 1 exam to gain the formal certification. It will help you to get to grips with the software – covering everything from the basics through to day-to-day use. You’ll get to grips with double entry bookkeeping, learn to understand VAT and VAT returns and better understand how to work with your customers and suppliers. Using a simulated version of Sage accounts software, you’ll be up and running quickly and confidently.
Sage bookkeeping level 2 + exam – was £120 now £70
This official Sage course gives you the knowledge you need to use Sage Bookkeeping software for your accounting. Designed for those who’ve already completed Sage Bookkeeping Stage 1, you’ll cover accounting for reduction and write-offs, learn how to reconcile Sage Bookkeeping with your bank account, and apply performance measures. This course is perfect if you run your own small to medium sized business, or if you have to deal with finances in your job.
Level 2 Food Safety – For manufacturing – was £40 now £30
This interactive Level 2* course from the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink (the organisation for industry training) is aimed at anyone working in a food manufacturing or processing environment.Whether you work on your own, in a small business or part of a larger operation, this course provides the assurance that your Food Safety training meets environmental health expectations.